For humans, there are three parts to forgiveness.
(1) Forgiving a person who has hurt you.
(2) Forgiving yourself for wrongs you have done.
(3) Seeking forgiveness for hurt you have caused.
Forgiveness means to let go of the resentment
and anger toward a person or group who has
in some manner hurt or harmed you.

Forgiveness does NOT mean forgetting
or excusing the wrong that was done.
Rather, it means preventing a person’s actions
from destroying your heart and peace of mind.
You will be able to forgive when you are able to accept
the fact that a person is human and makes mistakes.
You will be able to forgive when you are able to accept
the fact that to forgive and let go brings healing to you.
To forgive is to decide that you no longer want to
be a prisoner of your own anger and resentment—
You choose to set yourself free and finally let go
of the resentment that has been an emotional burden.
You decide to not allow the person to continue to hurt you.
Without forgiveness there can be no healing, no peace.
Remember, though, that the ideal result of forgiveness
is that it opens the door to reconciliation. It heals a
relationship and brings people together again.

It might not happen but that’s the ideal.
The principles of forgiveness involved in forgiving others
are the same ones involved in forgiving yourself.
When you have hurt another person, it will bring calm to
your soul to let them know you are sorry.
They may or may not forgive you, but you have done
your part and that will give you a peace of mind.
There is a spiritual forgiveness.
It’s a forgiveness that come from your Creator.
You have been forgiven because of grace.
You don’t even have to ask for it.
It’s a gift. All you have to do is accept it.

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