If life is the pursuit of happiness,may I make the right choices to experience it.If life is the search for truth,may I discover it.If life is a long and winding road,may I not miss the rainbows along the way.If life is a symphony of nature’s music,may the melodies soothe my soul.If life is a journey of spiritual awakenings,may I be inspired.If life is a gracious gift,may I be wise and gracious in how I live it. Continue reading EXPLORING THE MEANING OF LIFE


I AM WHOLE – one is a whole number; I feel whole. I AM LOVEABLE – I love who I am and am capable of being loved. I AM STRONG – I can overcome. I AM CONTENT – I appreciate and make do with what I have. I AM VALUABLE – I have worth as a person. I AM KIND – I care about others and give of myself and my means. I AM CAPABLE – I am able to accomplish and achieve. I AM FOCUSED – I have goals, hopes, dreams. I AM COMPASSIONATE – I have unconditional love … Continue reading THE GREAT “I AMs” of an ABUNDANT LIFE


As a young boy I remember how proud I was when I learned to count to ten. Soon counting became a way of life. Something always needed counting. But oh how life has changed. Technology now does the counting for us. That’s well and good, but some things technology cannot count. Things that come from the heart. Things like these old poetic lines written by an unknown author. They’re worth reflecting upon. ”Count your garden by the flowers, Never by the petals that fall. Count your days by golden moments. Never the rain clouds at all. Count the night by … Continue reading COUNT WHAT COUNTS IN LIFE


There once was a man whose shovel was missing. He looked everywhere for it, but it was not to be found. Someone stole it, he thought.. He suspected the boy next door. Afer all, he looked like a thief. He talked like a thief. He even walked like a thief. Several weeks went by and the man’s dislike for the boy grew. Then one day he found his shovel. It was under a shrub where he had laid it while working in his garden. The next morning he saw the boy as he was leaving for the day. The man … Continue reading PARABLE OF THE SHOVEL


Sometimes when I’m feeling small and dealing with hurts and struggles, I remember what someone once told me. STUDY THE TREE Notice how TALL it stands. How proud it is to be a tree. In spite of what it faces, It grows stronger each day. it’s well grounded with roots reaching deep. And it knows it’s no use trying to be a tree it isn’t. It’s simply content to be the tree it was meant to be. Sometimes it stands in a group, but it can survive even it it has to stand alone. It knows it’s unique It knows … Continue reading STAND TALL


An angel stands at the entrance to our home. It’s always there. In sunshine, in rain, through every storm. The calm, peaceful look on its face Never changes. Sometimes when I walk past it I think of Clarence, George Bailey’s Guardian Angel in ”It’s a Wonderful Life.” At first George didn’t want to BELIEVE That he had a Guardian Angel. But events changed his mind. I don’t know much about Guardian Angels, Not much at all, But I DO BELIEVE I have one. Like George, events in my life Have convinced me that I do. And it’s comforting to know … Continue reading MY GUARDIAN ANGEL