You have received a gift basket
as part of what life offers.
Everyone receives the gift
but not everyone uses it.
In the basket is everything
you need to succeed.
If you use the items in the basket,
they will empower you
to fulfill your dreams.
As you proceed to use your gift basket,
remember that real success
is achieving a peace of mind
in knowing that you have
given your very best effort
in all that you attempt to do.
In the basket are the items
that will empower you.
A clear vision of what it is
you want to do.
Belief in your dream.
The interest and desire to achieve it.
The courage to try.
Confidence in yourself.
The abilities to make it happen.
Resilience to deal with obstacles,
disappointments, criticism,
even failures.
Perseverance to keep trying.
Patience to deal with people and problems.
Flexibility to adjust your course as needed.
Spiritual strength.
May you use your gift basket wisely,
sacrifice as needed,
and be blessed with success, happiness
and a peace of mind.

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