6D794D28-2E24-46AD-9C26-230632082518As DrJoyFinder, I am dedicated to “finding joy” in every day life and sharing what I discover through bits of wit, wisdom, and well-being.
Finding JOY in life is a journey and it’s not the same for everyone.  But in every person’s journey, it is often the “little things” that encourage and inspire.
My grandmother had a saying that I like: “Little bits of joy, a spoonful at a time, will calm the soul and lift the spirits.”
That’s what this site is all about and a spoonful of wit, wisdom and well-being can be found in the following pages:
  • BLOG – personal insights and thoughts about finding joy.
  • ART – visuals, paintings and quotes that inspire.
  • JOY CARDS – original greeting cards that encourage