To everything there is a season……..a time to mourn.To mourn is to grieve the loss of a loved one.It’s an important God-given emotionthat helps deal with deep sorrow.Each person grieves differently.There are no rules to follow to tell youhow to grieve or for how long.It’s your grief, yours alone.It’s okay to do it your way.The truth is you will grieve forever.You will not someday “get over”the loss of a loved one.What you will do is learn to live with it.You will eventually heal and be whole again,but you will never be the same.After all, a piece of your life is … Continue reading WHY YOU NEED TO MOURN


For humans, there are three parts to forgiveness.(1) Forgiving a person who has hurt you.(2) Forgiving yourself for wrongs you have done.(3) Seeking forgiveness for hurt you have caused.Forgiveness means to let go of the resentmentand anger toward a person or group who hasin some manner hurt or harmed you.Forgiveness does NOT mean forgettingor excusing the wrong that was done.Rather, it means preventing a person’s actionsfrom destroying your heart and peace of mind.You will be able to forgive when you are able to acceptthe fact that a person is human and makes mistakes.You will be able to forgive when you … Continue reading TO FORGIVE IS TO HEAL