One teeny tiny two-letter word
has the potential power
to change your entire life
in a potent, positive way.
Interestingly, the two letters sit
beside each other in the alphabet.
N and O = NO.
Here are 10 important reasons
to learn to use the word “NO.”
1. Learning to say no simplifies your
life, frees you from anxiety, and keeps
you from feeling overwhelmed.
2. Learning to say no will help you
be proud of the the fact that you are
willing to take care of yourself.
3. To learn the art of saying no
means you don’t have to lie, make
excuses, or try to explain yourself.
You simply learn to graciously decline.
4. Learning to say no demonstrates
to others that you respect yourself
and that you have firm boundaries.
5. When you say no, take note when others
get upset or angry with your boundaries.
You have discovered how little respect
they have for you.
6. If you really want to say no, don’t
say maybe, and definitely don’t say yes.
7. Keep reminding yourself that
the word no, when used wisely,
is not a negative word. It’s positive.
8. Resist feeling guilty when you say no.
You have done nothing wrong. In fact,
you have done something right for yourself.
9. Realize you can be a kind person
with a good heart and still say no.
10. Keep saying no to all the things that
keep you from reaching your dreams.


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