People put so much effort into trying to be
who they think they should be,
or who they believe they need to be
to please others and be accepted
that their authentic self gets buried
under layers and layers of the
fictional roles they feel they have to play.
One of the greatest achievements you
can make in life is to discover your
authentic self and have the courage to be
who you really are.
1. You have only one authentic self.
True happiness in life comes only when you
allow your authentic self to emerge
and you become who you really are.
2. Like most people, you have most likely
allowed what others expect you to be to slowly
build layers of who you are not around your
authentic self. Have the courage to peel the
layers off, one at a time, until you reach your
real self and set it free.
3. To be your authentic self requires that you
connect with your soul and bring forth the
rich qualities that are uniquely yours
and make visible the real person that lives there.
4. When you allow your true authentic self
to shine like the brightest stars in the night sky,
the world will take note and be awed by how
beautifully the real you shines.
5. Being real and authentic involves having firm
boundaries, faith in yourself, self-respect,
self-reflection and a strong passion for sharing
the real you.

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