All relationships can be improved 
Here are 10 qualities of effective relationships.
Choose a relationship you want to improve
and then decide which of the following qualities
that particular relationship needs to make it better.
Start with that quality and give it your best effort.
1. Do for the other person what you would like
that person to do for you.

This is the Golden Rule of Relationships. It works.
It overcomes obstacles and conflicts and creates miracles.
2. Let go of all expectations.
Expectations kill relationships. Don’t keep
reminding the other person what you “expect”
them to do. Let love be what motivates them to act.
3. Love unconditionally.
Let the other person know that you will love them
in spite of their mistakes and behaviors. Let them
know that nothing will keep you from loving them.
4. Accept the other person as is.
Let your actions communicate to the other person
this powerful message: “I accept you just as you are”
5. Keep learning about the other person.
The more you know about the other person the more
you can love them. Don’t pry, but ask questions
about their interests, preferences, hopes and dreams.
6. Don’t try to change the other person.
First of all, accept the fact that you can’t change anyone.
They can only change themselves if and when
they choose to do so. Your goal must never be to try
and change them into the person you want them to be.
7. Always let go of the past.
Never use the past against the other person. Let go of
what was yesterday. Never hold grudges or seek revenge.
There’s absolutely nothing you can do about the past.
Focus on making the most of today.
8. Practice forgiveness.
The other person is going to make mistakes as are you.
Be willing to forgive and let go. Forgiveness heals.
Refusing to forgive severely damages relationships.
9. Practice little random acts of kindness.
Know all the little things the other person likes
and then do them randomly. Let them be surprises.
Nothing says “I love you” more.
10. Develop and maintains healthy boundaries.
Kindly let the other person know what you will accept
and what you will not in your relationship. This includes
how the other person treats you. This helps the
other person know better how to respond to you.


  1. Chuck, I love all 10, but especially 2,3,4,5,10. Relationships can be wonderful add-ons to our lives. They do take open-mindedness and flexibility however. I’ve been blessed to have a short list of people in my life that have been wonderful for me, and me for them for many years. I believe this is because we each accept the other just as we are. Even if there’s been a lapse in our times together, we just start where we left off, and it’s delightful.


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