What is this thing called self-confidence
that everyone struggles with at times?
Basically, it’s the belief you have about
your own ability, what you believe
you are capable of doing.
When your confidence in yourself is lacking,
what can you do to boost it?
1. The first thing to do is recognize how
a lack of confidence affects your life.
It makes it difficult for you to accomplish
the things you are capable of doing.
It causes you to procrastinate, to put things
off because you fear you won’t be able to
do them satisfactorily, or at all.
Remember, in order for others to see how
competent you are, you have to see it in yourself.
2. One key thing you can do to boost your confidence
is pick one thing you have a strong interest in
and work hard to get competent at it.
Don’t stop until you have mastered it.
You might have to study, read books, take a class,
or spend time learning from someone
who’s good at what you want to do.
But there’s nothing that boosts your self-confidence
more than feeling you are competent
at doing something.
You are not born with self-confidence.
You have to get it the same way others get it.
I has to be learned.
Confidence grows when you succeed at something.
The good news is that everyone CAN
succeed at something.
Choose what it is you can do and do it.

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