Sometimes when I’m feeling small

and dealing with hurts and struggles,

I remember what someone once told me.


Notice how TALL it stands.

How proud it is to be a tree.

In spite of what it faces,

It grows stronger each day.

it’s well grounded

with roots reaching deep.

And it knows it’s no use

trying to be a tree it isn’t.

It’s simply content to be

the tree it was meant to be.

Sometimes it stands in a group,

but it can survive

even it it has to stand alone.

It knows it’s unique

It knows it has beauty.

It knows it has something to offer….

Be it shade from the sun

or climbing and having fun,

or hosting creatures great and small.

It stands firm.  IT STANDS TALL.

I can easily see

how valuable is the tree.

It’s example is a message to me.

So when I’m dealing with struggles

And feeling small,

I’ll rememember the tree and I will






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