I was thinking about memoriesas I sat on the bench this morningin my meditation garden.I decided to try somethingI had never done before.I decided to take 10 minutes of my time,reflect back over my life,and come up with the 10 most memorable memoriesof my life.For 10 minutes I flooded my mindwith years and years of wonderful memories.Just when I thought I had a tentative list,another memory would pop upand I would adjust my list.I soon discovered that this wasa near impossible task.Yet this little exercise was one of the bestthings I have done in a long, long time.It made me realize … Continue reading THE 10 MINUTE 10 MEMORY CHALLENGE – TRY IT


Sometimes when I’m feeling small and dealing with hurts and struggles, I remember what someone once told me. STUDY THE TREE Notice how TALL it stands. How proud it is to be a tree. In spite of what it faces, It grows stronger each day. it’s well grounded with roots reaching deep. And it knows it’s no use trying to be a tree it isn’t. It’s simply content to be the tree it was meant to be. Sometimes it stands in a group, but it can survive even it it has to stand alone. It knows it’s unique It knows … Continue reading STAND TALL


I’m older now and change in my life is not easy. Perhaps change is never easy at any age. But as I sit on my bench in the garden I reflect on my life past and present And look ahead to changes I will make. I will do more than exist. I will LIVE. I will do more than look. I will EXAMINE. I will do more than hear. I will LISTEN. I will do more than think. I will REFLECT. I will do more than talk. I will SAY SOMEYHING. I will do more than feel. I will LOVE. Continue reading GARDEN MEDITATION