Little things help me soar.

A friendly smile lifts me off the ground.

A few words of encouragement

keep me soaring all day.

One small act of kindness

will put me in the clouds.

A warm hug will  inspire me

and  give  me  the courage  to  spread my wings

and  fly to places I’ve never been

and  see things I’ve never seen.

Oh  the places I go..

Thank goodness for the little things…….

Yes,, it’s the  little things in life

that help me soar.



2 thoughts on “I LOVE TO SOAR

  1. Dear Chuck. (and Muriel)
    We absolute love receiving your
    Reflections and inspirational messages…Dr JoyFinder is a winner
    Love you both. B & J 😊🌈❤️


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