1. Friday is Free-Day! It was created to give you the opportunity to reflect on any conflict, mistakes, or struggles you had during the week and FREE them from your mind. Let go of them, get entirely rid of them, and end your week with peace of mind. Remember, “let go” means to “STOP holding onto something.”
  2. Free-Day is when you look back over the week and forgive anyone who has upset or hurt you in some way, intentionally or unintentionally. You can forgive because forgiveness doesn’t make the other person right….it makes YOU FREE. It lifts the burden off your heart. Those who FREE themselves of resentful or angry thoughts ore the ones who find peace.
  3. Free-Day is the day you think about all the people you love and you set them FREE, completely FREE, to do what they choose to do, go where they choose to go, and become whom they choose to become. You give them wings so they feel FREE to fly.
  4. More than any other day of the week, Friday is the day you feel like a FREE SPIRIT. Give yourself permission to FREE your mind, FREE your heart, and FREE your soul. It’s the day to remember that no one outside you can rule you inwardly. To know this is to set yourself FREE.
  5. Free-Day is the day to remind yourself to let the dreams you dream be what you feel FREE to make happen. Never let anyone or anything squelch your dreams.
  6. Have a great Free-Day!


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