1. Thursday is Thirst-Day! It was created to remind you to always maintain a thirst for all the things that are important to you — little things, big things, dreams, hopes, even tasks that need to be done. Never stop thirsting for the things that matter.
  2. Thirst-Day is when you review your week and strive to accomplish the things you want to get done before the week is done. It’s a drive, a thirst, to achieve what still needs to be done.
  3. Humans typically thirst for three basic things: love, happiness, and a fulfilled life. Thirst-Day is the day to reflect on how you’re doing with these three personal goals.
  4. Thirst-Day is a reminder that if you do not feel a thirst for anything it’s probably because you’re full of yourself.
  5. Thirst is what makes us curious, to wonder, to want to know, to explore, to create. It’s what drives us forward. Thirst-Day is the day to refresh this thirst that’s within us, to charge our thirst-battery and experience a joy for life.
  6. Have a great Thirst-Day!

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