1. Winning always begins with attitude. Right from the start, your outlook is positive because you know you’re going to be a winner regardless of the results. You realize that winning is important but even more important is effort. If you work hard and give your very best effort, you will, without question, be a winner.
  2. Winning is not about winning. It’s about wanting to win. It’s about desire. It’s about determination. It’s about being motivated to reach the finish line. It’s about not giving up. It’s about falling down, getting back up, and having the courage to keep on going.
  3. Winning is about preparation. A winner does everything necessary to get ready to win. It may mean training hard. It may mean studying long hours. It means having a willingness to do whatever it takes to be well prepared.
  4. Winning is all about believing in yourself. It’s having confidence that you can do it. It’s trusting in your abilities. It’s having faith that you can reach your goals.
  5. Winning is dreaming about victory rather than fearing defeat. It’s having a vision of what can be rather than a dread of what might not happen.
  6. Winning means doing a little better than you did before.
  7. Winning is singing your own song, marching to your own drumbeat, embracing the things that matter the most to you, and rejoicing in the blessings of each new day.

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