1. Deep within you lies a fire and the smallest spark will ignite that fire. It only takes one small spark. But when that fire ignites….POOF! POW! Your whole being will change. You will come alive. You will see things differently. Suddenly everything will seem possible.
  2. And if you listen carefully, you will hear that fire deep within you whispering softly, “Good things can happen. Things can be different. There’s hope. Your whole life can light up. It can change. Believe that things are possible because they are. But you must light the fire that’s within you. It’s up to YOU to find the spark and light the fire. And you can do it. You have what it takes. Don’t give up. Don’t delay. Go. Search for the spark. It will change your life.”
  3. But where do you find that one spark to light your fire? Even when you think you cannot find it, have faith and start searching for it. Remember, don’t give up. Be patient. It’s there. If you search for it, you WILL find it.
  4. Now, here’s the SECRET that will help you find the spark. Most individuals go to people and places to find the spark. They think someone else can give them the spark they need. Or they think the spark might be hidden in some dark place waiting to be discovered. Neither is true. You will not find the spark in people or places. You see, THE SPARK LIES WITHIN YOU. That’s the SECRET. People and places can be helpful, but YOU have the SPARK.
  5. YOU have the spark to light your fire. Where is it? It’s in your mind. Yes, THE SPARK IS WITHIN YOUR MIND. Search for it there and you WILL find it. You see, WHAT YOU THNK IS YOUR SPARK. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE YOUR SPARK. There is tremendous POWER in your thoughts.
  6. So, search your mind and clean house. It’s time to throw out all the negative thoughts. Get rid of “I can’t.” Get rid of”Doubt.” Get rid of “Fear.” Get rid of “Procrastination.”
  7. Find the word within your mind that says, “SPARK.” It’s there. It may be in the form of other words, like “I Can Do It,” or “I Believe,” or “I Have What It Takes,” or “I Have Faith That I Can Do It,” or “I’m Determined To Do It.” But YOUR SPARK is there, my friend. It’s there in your thoughts. Take that SPARK and ignite your fire. You can do it. Poof! Pow! Your whole life will change.

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