When I was reading the Sunday paper, I came across these stories. Or did I?

  1. The Pillow Man has started a new business. He takes photographs of people’s hair early in the morning after they have slept on one of his pillows. He uses the photographs to create fabulous new hair styles. It has created a popular new fad. People love the wild unmanaged look. The Pillow Man guarantees that you will love the his frenzied styles.
  2. A middle-aged man had a heart attack while playing charades. He kept making frantic movements but no one could guess the word they though he was trying to convey. They kept saying how good his gestures were. It was when he collapsed and turned blue that they realized something was wrong and called 911. Fortunately he is doing well.
  3. An elderly woman is suing the American Dental Society. She said she is 86 years old and has never gone to the dentist or brushed her teeth. She was sent a free tool brush and tooth paste by the Society in the mail as a promo. So she brushed her teeth. She said when she brushed her teeth all her teeth fell out. She’s blaming the Society. She doesn’t want money. She wants her teeth back.
  4. A woman in Wyoming is suing the Braxton Cookie Company. The company advertised that eating a cookie makes sadness go away. The woman said she ate one of their cookies and was still sad. So she ate another and then another and was still sad. After eating a jar full of cookies she was not only sad but also sick. The company settled out of court.
  5. A man in Kansas is involved in a first lawsuit of its kind. When his parents died they left behind a large debt. The court told the man that as the only child of his parents he was responsible for paying the debt. The man got a lawyer and is insisting that his parents never had any children and he is therefore not responsible for the debt. The judge is determining if the case has any merit.

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