Sometimes I struggle.
I don’t always know what it is
that I’m struggling about.
I just feel the struggle inside me.
I know it sounds crazy but
once when I was really struggling
I looked up the definition to see
what the dictionary said I was doing.
A struggle is making an effort to do
something in the face of difficulties.”

That definition surprised me.
But it gave me a better perspective.
I didn’t realize that when I struggle
I’m not giving up. I’m not giving in.
I’m actually doing SOMETHING.

I’m making an effort to do SOMETHING
about what it is I’m dealing with.
That really helped me. Gave me hope.
How I face my struggles tells me a lot
about me....about who I am.
Someone once said a strong person is not
the one who doesn’t struggle or cry.
The strong person is the one
who struggles and hurts
but then gets up and fights.
Someone else once said that much
of what is beautiful in the world
comes as a result of a struggle.
That’s profound...thought provoking.
So from now on you may see me struggling
but you will not see me quit.
You will see me fighting to overcome
and you will see me fighting
to make the world more beautiful.


  1. What an excellent way to interrupt times when we struggle Chuck, either look up the definition like you did, or remember what “struggle” really means. I can certainly see how either action creates change, which is necessary as we Rise. Thanks for sharing!


      1. I do a lot of blog-hopping Chuck. Because of this, I have to sometimes read my favorites, Like only, and move on. To date, I’ve never read one of your posts that I just skipped without a favorable nod/tick of some kind. 🙂


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