Proudly I watch the flag flying there,in freedom blowing in the summer air.’Tis but cloth in red and white and blue,but it’s amazing what the flag can do.It can inspire the braveto fight for a cause,lead them into battleat whatever the cost.It can speak loudly,it can whisper a sigh.It can silence a crowd,bring tears to the eye.It can cause the peopleto proudly sighas this unfurled clothgoes passing by.Oh, the things this flag can do.The red, the white, and the blue. \\\\ ]]] Continue reading IT’S AMAZING WHAT THE FLAG CAN DO


Sometimes I struggle.I don’t always know what it isthat I’m struggling about.I just feel the struggle inside me.I know it sounds crazy butonce when I was really strugglingI looked up the definition to seewhat the dictionary said I was doing.”A struggle is making an effort to dosomething in the face of difficulties.”That definition surprised me.But it gave me a better perspective.I didn’t realize that when I struggleI’m not giving up. I’m not giving in.I’m actually doing SOMETHING.I’m making an effort to do SOMETHINGabout what it is I’m dealing with.That really helped me. Gave me hope.How I face my struggles tells … Continue reading SOMETIMES I STRUGGLE


Do you ever have one of those dayswhen you want to give up?You want to throw in the toweland say, “Enough is enough. I give up.I just want the world to stopand I want to get off.I just don’t feel like fighting any more.I’ve had it. I give up.”I was having one of those dayswhen I happened to see a story aboutthe Jimmy V Award for Perseverance.Jimmy Valvano, basketball coachat North Carolina State University, was ina battle with adenocarcinoma (cancer).In a speech at the 1993 ESPY Awardsceremony and before a nationwidetelevision audience, he brought a howlingteary-eyed Madison Square Gardenaudience to … Continue reading DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE GIVING UP?


Sometimes I get discouraged.It just happens.Things can seem to be very normal,when all of a sudden it hits.Discouragement…..without warning.It wraps its arms around me….gets a tight grip and squeezes….firmly.It holds me captive.My emotions start to swirl.I go from downheartednessto the depths of dismay…..and back again.I feel down. I want to give up…..give in.I see life through the dark glassesof gloom and despair.The dark nights get long…..and longer,like the dawn will never come.BUT…….the dawn DOES come.And the miracle of LIGHTmakes the darkness disappear.In the middle of the worddisCOURAGEmentis the word COURAGE.COURAGE is the LIGHTthat makes the darknessof discouragement disappear.It takes COURAGE … Continue reading SOMETIMES I GET DISCOURAGED


There’s an old cheer that goes like this:”Fight, team, fight.Fight with all your might.If you wanna win,Then fight-fight-fight.There’s a lot of truth in that cheer.You can apply it to most things in life.It’s up to you to decidewhat it is you want to fight for.It’s different for each person.It may be a fight for dignity and respect,or your reputation.You may fight for someone you love,or for your rights as a person.You may fight for your own survival,or a cause you believe inMaybe you fight for justice,or to right a wrong.Or perhaps you fight to makeyour dreams come true.Whatever you do…..Don’t … Continue reading FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN