Sometimes I struggle.I don’t always know what it isthat I’m struggling about.I just feel the struggle inside me.I know it sounds crazy butonce when I was really strugglingI looked up the definition to seewhat the dictionary said I was doing.”A struggle is making an effort to dosomething in the face of difficulties.”That definition surprised me.But it gave me a better perspective.I didn’t realize that when I struggleI’m not giving up. I’m not giving in.I’m actually doing SOMETHING.I’m making an effort to do SOMETHINGabout what it is I’m dealing with.That really helped me. Gave me hope.How I face my struggles tells … Continue reading SOMETIMES I STRUGGLE


In everyone’s life there are mountains to climb.Some are small, some are tall,some are rugged, some are difficult.How you approach your mountainstells you a lot about your character.Some sit and simply refuse to climb.They prefer to sit and do nothing,choosing to miss life’s adventures.It’s true they cannot fallif they do not climb,but there’s no joy to be foundin living life on the ground.Some people decide to climb the mountainbut soon give up when the going gets tough.The don’t want to give the effortto keep climbing, so they stop,even when they’re close to the top.Still others view the mountain as a … Continue reading THERE ARE MOUNTAINS WITHIN YOU TO CLIMB


Some days things just don’t go so well.Some days you feel like you’ve fallenand you can’t get up,and you don’t even want to get up.Some days you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.You feel like you’re wading in yucky muck.You’re convinced someone turned off your go-powerand your whole system has been disabled.You’re in complete shut-down mode.Nothing is functioning.But wait… NOT be dismayed.There’s something you can do.There’s a remote in your mind.The first thing you need to do ishit “PAUSE.”Step back from whatever you’re doing,take a deep breathand momentarily let the world go by.Talk to yourself and say,”Now wait a … Continue reading WHEN THINGS AREN’T GOING WELL, HIT “PAUSE” AND “RESTART”


Perseveranceis a big word, a very important word,but what does it mean?When you persevereyou maintain a purposein spite of difficulties, obstacles,or discouragement.You continue onward, steadfastly.You don’t give up.You keep going.Perseverance is strength, it’s power.It’s one of the most important qualitiesof people who succeed in life.Now look at the fifth line above again.Look at the word PURPOSE.That’s the SECRET to perseverance.People who PERSEVERE and SUCCEEDare those who have a STRONG,WELL-DEFINED sense of PURPOSE.They are PASSIONATE about whatthey want to accomplish, their goal.That’s the bottom line.If you want to SUCCEED at somethingmake sure you are very clear about your PURPOSEand be PASSIONATE about … Continue reading PERSEVERANCE LEADS TO SUCCESS


Lyrics to the song,”You Gotta Have Heart,” state the following:”You gotta have heart,miles and miles and miles of heart….All you really need is heart.When the odds are sayin you’ll never winthat’s when your grin should begin….When your luck is batten zeroGet your chin up off the floorcause you can be a heroYou can open any door.There’s nothin to it but to do it….All you really need is heart.”What does it mean “to have heart?”Helen Keller once said,”The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.They must be felt from the heart.”Even when you’re downHEART is refusing … Continue reading ALL YOU REALLY NEED IS HEART


I have an orange tree in my yard. It’s a lesson in life to behold. I watch the miracle of blossoms give birth to oranges. And then I watch the oranges grow larger and larger, heavier and heavier, causing the branches to bend under the increasing weight. Storms come and the winds blow, the boughs swing and sway, the boughs bend and bounce, but the boughs do not break. Those tiny branches have been created to somehow have enough strength to withstand the storms that come and the weight of the oranges and make it through to face another day. … Continue reading THE ART OF BENDING WITHOUT BREAKING