1. Many people dream about conquering a mountain.
But he most important thing to conquer in life
and perhaps most challenging is yourself.
2. Your ability to handle life’s many challenges is
a true measure of your character. It tells you
a lot about yourself.
3. It’s part of the human spirit to grow strong by
conflict, to develop character during the stormy
billows of life, so face them with a determination
to fight through them and grow as a person.
4.In the middle of life’s challenges, remember that
life never gives you more than you can handle.
You can face anything. Always have faith that
you can make it through because you can.
5. No one is born with a strong character.
You have to build it slowly, one challenge at a
time, one step at a time. Your thoughts
and actions to the events in life
make all the difference.
6. You know you have strength of character when
you are strong enough to live the life that
allows you to grow, to voice your opinion, to
stand up for what is right even when no one else is,
when you can admit that you are wrong,and
when you have the courage to say you are sorry.
7. It’s all possible. Believe.

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