In everyone’s life there are mountains to climb.
Some are small, some are tall,
some are rugged, some are difficult.
How you approach your mountains
tells you a lot about your character.
Some sit and simply refuse to climb.
They prefer to sit and do nothing,
choosing to miss life’s adventures.
It’s true they cannot fall
if they do not climb,
but there’s no joy to be found
in living life on the ground.
Some people decide to climb the mountain
but soon give up when the going gets tough.
The don’t want to give the effort
to keep climbing, so they stop,
even when they’re close to the top.
Still others view the mountain as a challenge
and look forward to the climb.
They accept the mountain as part of life,
something to overcome and master.
They look forward to the feeling of joy
when they reach the mountain top.
The hardest mountains in life to climb
are the mountains within you.
These mountains are the cathedrals
whereby you get the opportunity
to practice your religion.
How you approach these mountains
tell you a lot about your faith.

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