1. Lasting happiness comes by creating “moments.” The ability to embrace every moment as a precious gift is a choice we make. Choosing to appreciate “every moment” that you are privileged to enjoy in life allows you to see beauty, feel hope and notice opportunities in places you have previously missed.
  2. One of the secrets of discovering happiness is to stop each day and fill your heart with gratitude for the people who have made significant contributions to your life. Think about all the ways people have made a difference in your life.
  3. Happiness also happens when you think about all the ways you have contributed to the lives of others, even in small ways. Consider the joy you feel when you reflect upon the times you have generously helped others.
  4. People with close relationships are happier than those who tend to live in isolation. If you love someone, tell them. Be determined to build good relationships with those you care about. People are happiest when they get along.
  5. Studies show that people with spiritual beliefs are happier than those without these beliefs. They also regain happiness more quickly after experiencing a crisis. Without spiritual beliefs, people have little or nothing to draw upon to help them deal with problems and struggles.
  6. Remember, happiness is a state of mind, not a set of circumstances. It’s within you, the result of choices you make. If you’re unhappy, examine the choices you’re making. Examine how you are viewing life — positively or negatively. Perspective makes all the difference. Things and people cannot make you happy. Only you can do that. It’s in your hands.

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