Most people want to be more likable. Wishing doesn’t make it happen. It takes time, a lot of self -awareness, practice , and consistent effort. Studies have shown that there are certain qualities that make a person likable. Here are 7 qualities that most likable persons seem to have. Improve your likability by working on one quality at a time.

1. THEY ACTIVELY LISTEN. When you talk with them they give you their undivided attention. They look you in the eye. They respond to what you say and ask questions if they want to know more. They make you feel like they want to hear what you have to say. You walk away feeling like they really listened to you.
2. THEY MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. They remember names, They genuinely care about others and are always willing to be helpful. They’re encouraging, give sincere compliments, willing to give feedback when asked but are not judgmental and do not criticize others. They’re open-minded. They allow others to have their own opinions. They’re warm, kind and considerate. They apologize when they are wrong or make mistakes. They practice forgiveness. They enjoy volunteering and serving others.
3. THEY TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT. They give a positive first impression. They treat others as equals and resist being drawn into conversations that are divisive and filled with bias. They do not have a competitive mindset and do not try to top what others say or do. They respect other people’s space and privacy. They do not say or do things that are harmful or destructive to others.
4. THEY’RE FUN TO BE AROUND. They’re optimistic. They’r upbeat. They smile a lot and laugh a lot. They choose to live and enjoy life to the fullest. They’re friendly and comfortable to be around. They celebrate life and enjoy having a good time. If life knocks them down they’re quick to get up again. It’s obvious that they like people.
5. THEY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. They have good boundaries and don’t allow themselves to be taken advantage of or abused. They’re secure and not afraid to make mistakes or take thoughtful risks. They’re learners and constantly seek personal growth. They’re willing to change. They practice good nutrition and physical fitness.
6. THEY’RE TRANSPARENT. They’re open about who they are. They never try to be someone they’re not. They’re humble. They’re willing to share they’re thoughts and feelings. They make it easy to get to know them. They give you honest responses.
7. THEY’RE RELIABLE. They’re loyal. They’re accountable and do what they say they’re going to do. They follow up. When you want someone you can count on, someone who is trustworthy, they’re the first person you think of. When they make a commitment, they stick to it.


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