You can have talent and you can have good looks
but if you don’t got GRIT you don’t have
what it takes to get you to your goal.
’Cause GRIT is doing what you have to do
to get you where you wanna go.
GRIT is stickin’ it out in the face of failure,
persevering when obstacles block your path,
standing strong when setbacks come your way.
GRIT is staying in the game when everyone
else is giving up, packing up, and going home.
It’s the stubborn refusal to quit.
It’s being knocked down five times
but getting up six.
When everyone else is saying, “I can’t,”
GRIT is saying, “I can. I will.”
It’s toughness, tenacity, total resolve.
It’s determination, endurance, passion.
It’s having the stamina, the strength of character
to keep putting one foot in front of the other
when you’re weary and wanna give up.
It’s that something extra that kicks in
and tells you to never, never, never give up.
You just gotta have GRIT
It will get you to your goal.

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