1. You exist and therefore you matter.
2. You were born into this world for a reason.
3. And the truth is who you are is exactly enough.
4 You don’t need more of you.
5. Therefore, accept who you are as you are.
6. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be
anyone different than who you are.
7. Your worth doesn’t depend on other
people’s acceptance of you.
8. You have worth just as you are.
9. You exist and therefore you are valuable.
10. You are valuable not because of what you do
but because of who you are.
11. Who you are is special. You matter.
12. You have a right to matter simply
because you exist.
13. You have something of worth to offer the world.
14. If you choose, you can contribute to the lives
of those who need what you can offer.
15. Your life has purpose. It’s unique to you.
16. Your life story matters. Write it your way,
according to your own drum beat,
according to your own dreams.
17. Choose your own path in life to follow.
18. Choose the path that matters.
19 Refuse to allow others to tell you which
path to follow or what your story should be.
20. You exist and therefore you matter
And who you are is exactly enough.

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