Sometimes our heart gets flooded with troubled waters
and our soul aches with waves of pain and despair.
Our days get overcast with dark clouds of dismay.
Choppy waters of worry fill our nights.
Our bones grow weary and weak.
We want to give in to the power of the waves.
We want to give up and let go of hope.
But then a voice within us whispers,
”You have been given boots.
They will get you through the troubled waters.
Put them on and start wading.
The waters may seem deep and choppy and scary,
but your boots are high and strong and safe.
Trust your boots. Have faith that they will get you through.
Keep wading, keep walking, keep moving forward,
and soon, just around the bend, you will reach
calm waters and see the sun breaking through the
clouds, displaying beautiful blue skies and
a rainbow telling you that you made it.
You made it through.
Give thanks for your boots.
They’re made by the best company in the world:
The Creator, Inc.
They’re designed specifically to help you get
through the troubled waters of life.
Always keep your boots handy.”

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