Some days I feel defective,
like I’m flawed....imperfect.
Like there’s something wrong with me.
Like I’m not good enough.
I doubt my value.
I question my worth.
I feel less than whole.
It’s at this point that
I sit myself down and have a
serious dialogue with myself.
I say.....
Self, STOP all the negative talk
and get this straight:
This is NOT about what others
do or do not think about you.
This is NOT how you
compare yourself with others.
This is about YOU.
This is about what
YOU are doing to yourself.
So, STOP the negatives
and get with the positives.
Get with what’s TRUE.
What’s true is that you are WHOLE.
You are not defective.
Wholeness has nothing to do with
a blemish or a physical disability.
It has nothing to do with talent or ability.
It has nothing to do with social status.
It has EVERYTHING to do with
how your life began.
You were born WHOLE....A WHOLE BEING.
Your WHOLENESS came with your SOUL.
YOU cannot change your WHOLENESS
any more than you can change your SOUL.
It’s who you really are.
It who you will always be.

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