Think about it.
When it comes right down to it.
You’re all you’ve got.
You can’t count on anyone else
to always be there for you
because they won’t always be there.
That’s just the way it is.
But you will be.
You’re the one you have to turn to.
It’s up to you to do for yourself.
You can’t expect others to do for you
what you can do for yourself.
Get rid of expectations.
Get rid of waiting for others
to do for you.
So when you’re feeling down
and out of sorts,
don’t expect someone else
to pick you up.
You are your own picker upper.
It’s your responsibility.
So pick yourself up and get going.
Get up and get on with life.
Stop doubting....and start believing.
You have what it takes.
And here’s the bottom line.
Yes, you’re all you’ve got.
But most times you’re all you need.

And the times you do need
a shoulder of comfort to lean on,
lean on the biggest shoulder of all,
your Creator’s.

3 thoughts on “ARISE! — YOU’RE ALL YOU’VE GOT

  1. Thank you, CML……aka Dr JoyFinder…aka Dear Friend,
    I loved your “Arise” message….insightful and focused on accepting our own responsibilities and “getting on with things” ourselves…. and with the help of our Creator. 🙏.
    Wishing you and Mur Peace & Love……….Jerzy


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