To everything there is a season.
.......a time to mourn.
To mourn is to grieve
the loss of a loved one.
It’s an important God-given emotion
that helps deal with deep sorrow.
Each person grieves differently.
There are no rules to follow to tell you
how to grieve or for how long.
It’s your grief, yours alone.
It’s okay to do it your way.
The truth is you will grieve forever.
You will not someday “get over”
the loss of a loved one.
What you will do is learn to live with it.
You will eventually heal and be whole again,
but you will never be the same.
After all, a piece of your life is gone.
Life may end, but your love does not.
Life may end, but your relationship does not.
The memory of your loved one will stay alive
as long as their name is spoken.
They leave something behind
when they leave as reminders of them.
A memory.
It may be a child, a favorite book, an old toy,
a worn out shirt, a photo.....something of theirs.
Something their hand touched.
And when you look at it, you know,
you just know that they’re present.
You feel it.
And it brings you comfort.
It helps you mourn.

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