If you’re like most people,
you think about how you can be
a good friend to others.
But you spend little time thinking 
about how to be your own best friend.
What’s interesting is that no one teaches
you how to be a friend to yourself.
So how do you do it?
You start by loving yourself.
Perhaps that sounds trite but,
in case you forgot,
it’s the third part of what is called
The Great Commandments:
”Love God and love your neighbor
Right there it is.......AS YOURSELF.
You can’t ignore it.....LOVE YOURSELF.
Therefore, you accept yourself as you are,
imperfections and all.
You like who you are.
You give yourself freedom to be yourself.
You don’t try to be somebody you are not.
You don’t question your worth as a person.
You don’t put yourself down.
You’re mindful of your own needs
and you do your best to meet those needs.
You treat yourself with kindness.
You surround yourself with people
who love and support you,
people who sprinkle your life
with fun and magic.
Take the time to think about all
the qualities you would like in a friend,
and then be that kind of friend

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