Almost everyone reaches 
a point in their life
when they feel stuck, 
stagnated, in a slump,
out of sorts.
They don’t have the energy
or the interest
to turn the page
in their book of Life
and discover what’s ahead.
Yet, there’s so much left
in their book,
so many exciting chapters.
There’s still time to turn the page.
Colonel Sanders was 62 
when he turned the page.
Ray Croc was 52 when
he discovered that 
McDonald’s was on the next page.
Radha Daga was 73
whe she started Triguni Foods.
Susan Boyle tuned the page and
became a successful singer at age 48.
Grandma Moses was 78
when she turned the page
and started painting.
There are many other similar stories.
If you’re stuck 
have the courage to turn the page.
No page is the same.
One page can make a big difference.
One page can get you going.
Your book is not finished.
Think about how you want
your book to end,
then turn the page
and write the ending.
It’s your book
.Make it what you want it to be.
Make it exciting!

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