Perseveranceis a big word, a very important word,but what does it mean?When you persevereyou maintain a purposein spite of difficulties, obstacles,or discouragement.You continue onward, steadfastly.You don’t give up.You keep going.Perseverance is strength, it’s power.It’s one of the most important qualitiesof people who succeed in life.Now look at the fifth line above again.Look at the word PURPOSE.That’s the SECRET to perseverance.People who PERSEVERE and SUCCEEDare those who have a STRONG,WELL-DEFINED sense of PURPOSE.They are PASSIONATE about whatthey want to accomplish, their goal.That’s the bottom line.If you want to SUCCEED at somethingmake sure you are very clear about your PURPOSEand be PASSIONATE about … Continue reading PERSEVERANCE LEADS TO SUCCESS