705BE843-DE70-4B84-88B3-ED7DA40BDFECAn angel stands at the entrance to our home.

It’s always there.

In sunshine, in rain, through every storm.

The calm, peaceful look on its face

Never changes.

Sometimes when I walk past it

I think of Clarence,

George Bailey’s Guardian Angel in

”It’s a Wonderful Life.”


At first George didn’t want to BELIEVE

That he had a Guardian Angel.

But events changed his mind.

I don’t know much about Guardian Angels,

Not much at all,

But I DO BELIEVE I have one.

Like George, events in my life

Have convinced me that I do.

And it’s comforting to know that

There’s someone watching over me.

Some may disagree with me, of course.

And that’s okay.

I just BELIEVE I have one

And that’s all I need to know.



2 thoughts on “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL

  1. Thank you for such an uplifting message. I too believe in Guardian Angels, case in point; your posts help me feel ‘someone’ out there cares about my well-being.
    By devoting time and creative energy to bringing joy into the lives of unknown others, you personify a ‘Guardian Angel’ in my mind. Plus your penchant for encouraging readers to pass the blessings on is motivating. I believe our world is a better place knowing ‘Guardian Angels’ like you are out there!


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