A child is born in Bethlehem. Delivery is normal. Child is healthy. Visitors arrive. Everything seems ordinary. Word of the birth spreads. Suddenly things are no longer ordinary. Rumors spread. Some say angels appeared at the birth. Some say a special star appeared in the sky. Some say Kings are on their way to see this child. Some say a ruler wants this child dead. Some say something extraordinary has surely happened. Some say this is no ordinary child. Some say this child just might be the promised one. Some say hearts are now filled with hope. Some say it’s … Continue reading WHO IS THIS CHILD BORN IN BETHLEHEM?


An angel stands at the entrance to our home. It’s always there. In sunshine, in rain, through every storm. The calm, peaceful look on its face Never changes. Sometimes when I walk past it I think of Clarence, George Bailey’s Guardian Angel in ”It’s a Wonderful Life.” At first George didn’t want to BELIEVE That he had a Guardian Angel. But events changed his mind. I don’t know much about Guardian Angels, Not much at all, But I DO BELIEVE I have one. Like George, events in my life Have convinced me that I do. And it’s comforting to know … Continue reading MY GUARDIAN ANGEL