1. You will find little fulfillment in life if your goal is to survive. You will find greater fulfillment when you find something to live for.
  2. Fulfillment comes when you seek and discover life-changing experiences that help you grow as a person and stretch your boundaries mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually.
  3. Fulfillment is not merely something to be achieved but to be experienced by doing good.
  4. You increase your chances for fulfillment when you exercise discipline in your life to ensure that your priorities reflect your values.
  5. Perhaps the greatest secret to living a happy fulfilled life is to have a clear vision of your goals and dreams and to believe passionately that they are possible.
  6. On the road to fulfillment you have to learn to negotiate the sharp turns, work through the detours, be patient when you come to road construction, and be determined to get back on the road when you get lost. Fulfillment comes only to those who keep moving toward their destination and never give up. Trust that your destination is also your destiny.
  7. Keep in mind that fulfillment includes being grateful for and content with what you have.

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