A lonely man walked a long bumpy road
on his journey to get to
the crowds in the city.
On the way he met sorrow.
He came face to face with suffering.
He spent time with discouragement.
He battled failure.
Finally he reached the city.
He stood in the midst of a large crowed
in the middle of the town square.
Multitudes of people surrounded him.
He noticed an old man leaning on a cane.
He said to the man,
”I have traveled a long hard journey and
came to the crowds because I felt lonely.
There are people everywhere,
but I still feel lonely.
I don’t understand.”
The wise old man said,
”My friend, loneliness is merely a
message coming from your soul,
telling you that something in your
life needs to change.
Therefore, my friend, be thankful
for the loneliness that you feel
and reflect upon what it is
in your life you can change.
Crowds do not take away loneliness.
Only change can fill your emptiness.”

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