There are many different roads in lifeWhich one are you on?Everyone has a unique purpose in life soeveryone is traveling down a unique road.Quite often people travel down one roadfor a while, the try a different one.The goal, of course, is to get on a roadthat takes you where you want to go.While there are many roads, it is thosewho are willing to travel with usthat make the journey worthwhile.Here are several common roadsWhich one are you on?1. The road seeking fulfillment and happiness2 The road in search ofmeaning and purpose in life.3 The road to achievewealth and riches4. The … Continue reading WHICH ROAD IN LIFE ARE YOU ON?


A small boy sat on his father’s lap and asked,”Father, what is life?”His father became reflective and after a long pause said,”Life is a long journey, my son.It’s a journey whereby you mustcarefully observe the worldaround you and grow inwisdom and understandingand the ability to serve.When you see hunger and poverty,you will learn to show compassion.When you see fear and hate,you will discover the power of love.When you see anger and conflict,you will find ways to create peace.Where you see hurt and pain, you will teach the healing power of forgiveness.When you see sadness and despair,you will inspire hope and … Continue reading WHAT IS LIFE?


The ideal lifeis a journey in whichyou observe the world around youand choose to make it better.Where there is hate, spread LOVE.Where there is conflict, create PEACE.Where’s there’s disloyalty, exhibit FAITHFULNESS.Where there is discouragement, share JOY.Where there is dishonesty, show GOODNESS.Where there is anger, express PATIENCE.Where there is unrestraint, teach SELF-CONTROL.Where there is hurt, impart KINDNESS.Your most meaningful moments in lifewill be when you realize you madethe world a better place. Continue reading WHAT IS LIFE?


The end of the year holiday season fills the heart with ANTICIPATION. What we experience is similar to the way a child listens to a story. The excitement is in the anticipation of what’s going to happen on the next page. O the JOY of ANTICIPATION,,,, the excitement of waiting to see what life is going to come up with next, to see what’s going to happen on the next page. O the excitement of anticipating a visit from family or friends. O the joy of anticipating a note or a call from someone who cares. O the joy of … Continue reading O THE JOY OF ANTICIPATION