1. Always remember, you are your own main limit.
You determine how far you’re going to go today
and how much you’re going to accomplish.
2. Look at your past and
give thanks for all the lessons learned.
Look at you present and be inspired to grow
from what your past has taught you.
3. During your darkest moments,
refuse to focus on the dark, search for the light.
It’s in the darkness that you see the stars.
4. Sometimes you have to give up what is good
and comfortable, take a risk, and go for what is great.
Great things rarely come from comfort zones.
5. When you’re hoping for things to change,
ask yourself,
”If not me, who? If not now, when?”
6. When you’re wanting to try something new,
the most important step you’re going to take
is your very first one. So step wisely.
7. You will accomplish much in life
if you take the time to quiet your mind
and listen to the positive messages within your soul.
8. Your dignity is one thing you don’t want to lose.
Keep it in a safe place. Keep it protected.
And always know where it is.
9. When you’re struggling and saying,
”Life is so hard,”
ask yourself this question:
”Compared to what?”
10. It’s true that no one deserves misery,
but everyone experiences it.
And sometimes it’s simply your turn.
So accept it, work through it,
and get on with life.

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