I watched a worm today.

It crawled across my driveway.

Such persistence, I thought.

The sun was pounding the driveway

with sweltering summer heat,

making the cement hot and dry.

But the worm crawled anyway,

inch by inch.

Such determination, I thought.

I guess it could have waited

until the cool of the night.

But it chose to not delay.

No putting till tomorrow

what it could do today.

Such discipline, I thought.

I needed the lesson

the worm taught me today

as it crawled with such purpose

across my driveway.

There are things I need to get done,

things I’ve put off doing.

Such procrastination, I thought.

But no more excuses.

The worm has taught me well.

Perhaps embarrassed me some.

But I’m determined now

To get things done.

One by one.

Come what may, hot or dry,

If a worm can do it, so can I.


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