AAAC59B0-B8BF-474B-A918-F480573133D3Sometimes when I’m feeling a little mopey,

or discouraged,

or overwhelmed,

or sad,

or have been made a victim,

I forget that I have…..


3836C84E-8642-46F4-9917-DE9843C8662ABut then I remember that I do, indeed, have POWER

And it’s right here within me.

All I have to do is own it and use it.

I have the POWER to make choices.

I can say yes.

                                                                           I can say no.

80AAA8E2-213F-4D1D-BD26-57210E988007I have POWER to choose how I will react to others.

I have POWER in the midst of a life struggle

To grow from it.

I have POWER to choose who I want to be in life.

I have POWER to choose what I want to do in life.

                                                      I have POWER to choose whom I want to be with in life.

C8FC287E-6E8D-44C6-A455-A522FE42388DAnd here’s the clincher.

This amazing POWER that I have is a GiFT.

I didn’t earn it.

I didn’t buy it.


                                                                      My job is to use it wisely — make good choices.

                                                        Choose to use my POWER to love others……and myself.

                                                    And help make this world a better place in which to live.


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