1. Monday is MON-DAY! MON means “my” or “mine” in French, and is pronounced like “moan.” MON-DAY, the first day after the weekend, was created to give you the opportunity to say, “This is MY day and MY week and I’m going to own it. It’s MINE to make what I want it to be. I’m going to make MY day a good one in spite of what happens.”
  2. Remember, your MON-DAY morning thoughts set the tone for the whole week. You are empowered to control your thoughts, they’re YOURS, and therefore you can choose what your tone for the week is going to be. Choose wisely.
  3. MON-DAY may not be your favorite day but focus on the fact that every day is an amazing gift. Say it again. EVERY DAY, including MON-DAY, is an amazing gift.
  4. Talk to MON-DAY like it’s a person and say, “Okay, MON-DAY, let’s roll! It’s just you and me! Let’s do it! Let’s make a good day happen. We can do it.”
  5. Think of MON-DAY as the one day of the week that needs your love and attention the most. Hug MON-DAY. Embrace it. Give it your best care understanding. You will be amazed at the good this does for your attitude.
  6. Monday is MON-DAY! Have a good one!

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