Today we’ll take another look at Miss Prim’s 3rd grade class and meet little Nora Nott. Nora teaches us a lot about “heart.” Whatever you do in life, give it all you’ve got. “You gotta have heart, lots and lots of heart.” People who are the happiest in life are people who give life their best effort and enjoy life to the fullest. You only have one chance at life so be determined to make the most of it. Jump in with both feet and LIVE LIFE WITH A LOT OF HEART.

Nora Nott loves to sing, though she cannot.
Poor thing, she sings off-key a lot.
She proudly joined the children’s choir.
But on low notes, she sings them higher.
On high notes, she sings them way too low.
And instead of do re me, she sings la ti do.
But Nora’s parents are so very proud
because little Nor can sing so loud.
And when the concerts come about,
Nora’s off-key notes indeed stand out.
But people say as they all depart,
”That Nora Nott.......well.....
She sure sings with lots of heart.”

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