Being a winner has more to do with ATTITUDE
than talent or IQ. With a positive attitude and
determination, you will be able to achieve the
following points and BE A WINNER
1. It all starts with VISION. You have to have a
clear picture of what it is you want to
accomplish and a strong desire to achieve it.
2. BELIEVE in yourself. Be confident that you
can do it, that you have what it takes.
Rid yourself of doubts and distractions
3. Set GOALS of how you’re going to achieve
your vision, and then attack your goals,
one at a time. Visualize the process as well as
the goal, what it will take to achieve each goal.
4. EMBRACE YOUR FAILURES. Don’t fear them
or get discouraged when they happen. They’re a
sign that you’re trying. Learn from them,
try again, and keep improving.
5. WORK HARD. A determination to succeed
and a commitment to working hard to reach
your goals will produce positive results.
6. BE DISCIPLINED and do what’s required of you
to reach your goals. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t make
excuses. Stay on task. Manage your time well.
7. LEARN what you need to learn in order to
move closer to your goals. Knowledge is power. Be
humble and accept the fact that you don’t know it all.
8. EVALUATE your progress. Be willing to make
adjustments. Don’t be too proud to make changes.
9. TAKES RISKS as necessary, but make sure you
take informed risks. Don’t be reckless. Be open-minded
and willing to try something new, something different.
10. CELEBRATE when you reach your goals.
You deserve it. You’re a winner. But
realize there’s always room for improvement.
Keep evaluating. Keep winning.

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