In the midst of all the hardships we face in life —
Be it personal loss that leaves us
feeling like we’ll never get over it,
like we’ll never get rid of those dark
clouds that keep hanging around;
Be it separation that fills our life
with emptiness and leaves us hurting
and grasping for meaning and purpose;
Be it illness that takes a toll on
our mind and body and eats away
a our hope for health and well-being;
Be it conflict that creates pain
and heartache and crushes our spirit;
Be it anything that tries to defeat us,
wear us down, make us want to give up —
It is in the midst of all this,
there is something about the human spirit
that rises to the occasion and refuses
to surrender to the hardships
that are handed to us.
There is something about the inner
strength that lies deep within us,
which we can draw upon and know
it will provide what we need
to handle the problems we face.
It is in the midst of our most
difficult struggles that we realize
we have no choice but be strong.
And somehow, someway,
with the help of the Almighty,
we rise up and we do it,
we become strong.

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