Sometimes I cry.
I don’t always know why.
But it’s okay.
It’s okay to cry.
Sometimes I get hurt.
It may be an accident
that happens to me.
Or it may be
someone’s words
that hurt me.
Or maybe I get lonely
because I miss someone
I love.
Or maybe certain things
like music or movies
or patriotic parades
or beautiful things
stir my emotions
and touch my heart,
and I cry.
Sometimes the tears
are happy,
sometimes sad.
But it’s not bad to cry.
Here’s why.
That’s what tears are for.
That’s why you have them.
They help you cry.
So use them when you need to.
They’re good for you.
They wash and cleanse.
They help you let go and release.
And you never run out.
Yes, sometimes I cry.
And it’s okay.

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