1. You are not destined to be anybody. You become the 
person you decide to be. It’s up to you.
2. Personal growth is something you have to choose
over and over to do. If you stop choosing to grow
and retreat to what’s comfortable, you go backwards.
3. Financial advisors ask how much money you want
to invest. A better market is to decide how much you
want to invest in your own personal growth and do it.
4. If it’s true that you’re either growing or dying,
ask yourself which you are doing. Decide which
you would rather be doing.
5. If you aren’t willing to change, you can’’t grow.
If you aren’t changing and growing,,
ask yourself if you are really living..
6. The most important destination in life,
is the one within you. Be wise in deciding
where you want yourself to go.
7. It’s trite but true —- be the change you want
to see at home, at work, in the world.
8. One of the most important things you can do
in life is define your purpose for living.
Once you do that, you can withstand
most anything that comes your way.
9. In making a list of changes you want to make
in yourself, make sure you include letting
go of anger. It’s too self-destructive
to hang onto.
10. Always strive to be better than you
were yesterday.
It’s a choice you can make.

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