Once ther was a man who planted a rose bush.
He was excited when the first bud appeared.
Upon examining it, he pricked his finger on a thorn .
In frustration he said,
”How is it possible for a beautiful rose
to come from a plant with so many thorns?”
Saddened to have a plant with so many thorns,
the man  dug it up and threw it in the trash.
An elderly lady happened to walk by,
saw the rose bush in the trash,
took it home and  planted it.
With tender care 
the rose bush burst forth with
bright,  beautiful blossoms.
In each of us is a rose bush
wanting to grow and blossom.
We can grow weary 
when the thorns of life come
and neglect the rose bush
that has so much potential 
to be beautiful and fragrant,
and it can die.
Some people do not even
see the rose bush within themselves
with all its potential.
Someone else must draw it
to their attendtion.
One of the greatest gifts
we can give others
is to look past their thorns
and see the beautiful rose bush
that lies within them
This is how love works:
to look past a person’s faults and
accpept them as they are.
Only then will they blossom
many times over.

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