Something NEW is coming.Something good.Something never before experienced by anyone.NEW YEAR 2019And it’s filled with opportunity.It’s filled with hope.And for every person who chooses,it offers the JOY of NEWNESS.NEW OUTLOOK on life.NEW PLACES to travel.NEW TASTES to try.NEW THINGS to do.NEW PEOPLE to know.NEW CULTURES to experience.NEW THINGS to create.NEW SUBJECTS to learn.NEW BOOKS to read.NEW MATERIAL to write.NEW MEMORIES to make.NEW ENTERTAINMENT to enjoy.NEW OPPORTUNITIES to reflect.NEW TREASURES to discover.There’s so much that’s NEW.There’s so much to BEHOLD.And as you enjoy the NEW,You can still enjoy the OLD.P.S.If you will, review the above listand pick out 5 that you … Continue reading SOMETHING NEW IS COMING….SOMETHING GOOD