Two frogs were hopping along having a friendly conversation when they unexpectedly hopped into a deep well.  They jumped and jumped but could not jump out of the deep well.  Thus, they started to yell for help.

A group of frogs came hopping by, heard the yelling, and looked into the well.  It looked like an impossible situation.  They concluded that the well was too deep for the two trapped frogs to escape and told them to give up and stop jumping.  It was useless to keep trying.

However, the two frogs would not give up.  They kept jumping.  The group of frogs started to yell at them, telling them it was useless. They berated the frogs and told them if they had been more careful they wouldn’t be in the well.

Finally, the one frog, weary and discouraged, accepted what the group of frogs was saying, gave up, lay down, and died

The other frog, however, kept jumping.  The more the group of frogs yelled and advised the frog to accept the impossible and give up, the more the frog jumped.  And by some miracle, finally sprang from the well, jumping to freedom.

The group of frogs was stunned and asked the frog how it was possible to jump so high.  The frog, reading their lips, explained that she was deaf and thanked them for looking down upon her, waving to her, and cheering her on.

She assumed by their gestures that they were encouraging her to keep jumping.  Feeling inspired, she did not give up and finally jumped to freedom.

It is often helpful to not listen to our critics, to not give up, and keep trying.  And always remember, how we perceive things can make a big difference in what we accomplish.


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